Upside Down Club of Abilene
Team Zeke - Captain: Monica Morales

Hi, my name is Ezekiel, better known as "Zeke"! I am 4 yrs old, small for my age but growing strong daily with Gods Grace.

I'm completely deaf in my right ear and wear a Cochlear device in my left. We didn't find this out until I was almost 3 yrs old. My device has to be adjusted every 4 to 5 months, which means Momma and daddy have to take trips to Dallas. Because I have some other health issues, they also have to take me to Cook Childrens in Ft. Worth.

Mom, Dad, and I have been taking ASL classes to help me communicate. I communicate when I want and not when anyone wants me to because I'm 4 and I do what I want. Ha! 

Things I like to do include being outside (when weather permits), playing games, watching Youtube videos on my iPad, eating my yogurt, and just being me.

We are Blessed with our son Zeke and your donations to Team Zeke are greatly appreciated. Thank you all!

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