Upside Down Club of Abilene
Jase's Giants - Captain: Derek Saltzgaber

Welcome to team Jase's Giants! We are raising money to help support the Upside Down Club of Abilene! Jase has many "Giant" supporters in his life that make a huge impact each day! God has blessed Jase and our family tremendously with your amazing support and now we would like to have a chance to support a fantastic organization that does amazing things to rally around families like ours in our community both near and far!

The Upside Down Club of Abilene, Inc. works to build community support for inclusion and acceptance of individuals with Down syndrome and persons of all abilities. We will be having our 8th Annual Buddy Walk on Saturday, September 21, 2019. 

Thank you for considering partnering with us to support the Upside Down Club of Abilene! Your donation will no doubt make a huge impact for the Down Syndrome community and their families!

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